Who's Data is it Anyway?

a 2021 guide on choosing a popia compliant cloud erp system to protect your business and customer data

Before you pop a vein in an effort to comply with POPIA, here’s a crucial question. Do you own your business data? Or, is your data being held, hostage. You’d assume that your data belongs to you. However, on that day when you didn’t finish reading the T’s and C’s and just clicked “accept” when you signed in to your software, you might have missed the fine print regarding data ownership. You’d be surprised how many SaaS end-user agreements grant you the right to use software, and not necessarily ownership of the data you input into the software. Who’s data is it anyway?

“The software vendor owns the license and also legally owns the user’s private data entered into the software. Software providers may access private consumer data at any time, as well as read it or share it as they please.” – Technopedia.

Unfortunately, many business leaders realize that they don’t own their company data when they attempt to transfer their data to another vendor. This is why Acumatica Cloud ERP prioritizes your right to access YOUR data anytime. 

is your cloud ERP software POPIA data compliant? Whos data is it anyway
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Access to your data

Unlike many ERP software vendors who may give you your data in a flat file that is time and cost-intensive to load, Acumatica Cloud ERP enables customers to take their data snapshot and save it locally in an easily imported database format. Access to your data should never be an additional cost. 

Data ownership

Company data is an invaluable asset in making informed decisions, forecasts and identifying opportunities to optimize operations. It is vital to choose a Cloud ERP solution that lets you own your data. This is why one of our clients, Kimmo Pty Ltd, chose to move from their previous vendor to Acumatica. At the end of their license with the previous vendor, they were unable to retrieve their historical data which impacted their business severely.

They now enjoy a mobile, easily customized, and affordable solution that could seamlessly integrate with third-party applications and had the data-analysis capabilities they required for fast decision making. Your customers also gain peace of mind that their information is secure.

So who’s data is it anyway? With Acumatica Cloud ERP, your data is your data! Looking for a secure industry-specific ERP solution? Drop us a line on 011 792 9521 or contact us via email and we’d be glad to guide you in choosing a solution that caters to your unique business requirements.

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