Cloud-based Mobile Expense Reporting for a Remote Workforce

a brilliant guide to Cloud-based Mobile Expense Reporting for a Remote Workforce

How many slips are slipping away since your team has been working remotely? Expense reporting was already a painful process while everyone was at the office. It may have gotten worse when teams went remote. However, this need not be the case. In this guide, we discuss cloud-based mobile expense reporting for a remote workforce.

Before the current pandemic, expense reporting on the go was purely for traveling staff. It may not have been a priority until recently when remote work has not only been a luxury but an absolute necessity. How do you turn expense reporting on the go to a simplified procedure that only requires a few clicks of a button? Simple! Through an integrated Cloud-based ERP solution with advanced expense management and mobile capabilities.

The benefits of Cloud-based Mobile Expense Reporting

An ERP solution with a mobile app that enables the remote workforce to report expenses on the go is beneficial to both the staff and management. It enables you to save time with automatic filing and by filing multiple expense reports quickly. No more delays. Submit reports immediately and eliminate the need to store paper receipts. It makes it hard to track your expenses if reporting is not done in real-time. Stay on top of your expenses with visibility of financial information in real-time and view every expense report as it is approved or rejected.

Data Security

Data security is an obvious concern. Choose a solution that offers water-tight data security. A solution with role-based access and the ability to issue mobile notifications for unreported corporate card activities, automate corporate card bank reconciliations, and streamline reimbursements to employees.

This means quicker employee reimbursements, improved visibility into spend, increased ability to enforce travel policies, and reduced processing costs. 

Fact is, whether expenses are incurred during travels or at home, they need to be accounted for accurately! A cloud-based expense reporting tool within a comprehensive and integrated cloud ERP solution is quickly becoming a must-have for the remote workforce.

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