Why You Should Choose Industry-Specific Business Management Solutions

a brilliant guide on why you should choose an industry-specific business management solution

Would you consult a soccer coach for swimming lessons? Would you ask your dentist about the pain in your toe? Like many things in the world, it is always better to consult an expert to find specific solutions to your unique problems. The same applies in business. Every industry has unique industry-specific requirements and challenges. In this guide, we discuss why you should choose industry-specific business management solutions.

The same way you wouldn’t rely on your General Practitioner to assist with a plumbing issue is the same way you can not just rely on off-the-shelf solutions to cater to your unique business system requirements. If your GP was to help you with a plumbing issue, you would likely still be able to spot that the leak still persists before he even leaves your house. Unfortunately, in business, you may not see the inefficiencies and costs of off-the-shelf software systems until it’s too late. This is why you should choose industry-specific business management solutions.

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Why business owners choose generic solutions

Many business owners are drawn towards using off-the-shelf generic business management solutions due to the promises of plug-and-play capabilities, and most importantly, the relatively low licensing cost. However, the price of the software may be low, but the cost of the inefficiencies, disparities in data, and repetitive manual processing tend to cost more in the long run. Why choose a system that forces you to change your workflows if you can choose an industry-specific business management solution that adapts to you instead. 

Why you should choose industry-specific solutions instead

Vertical SaaS solutions, aka industry-specific solutions, are tailored to meet the needs of your specific industry. They offer more flexibility, integration, and cater to those specific needs that a generic solution may not. Why waste time figuring out workarounds, when you can choose a solution with functionality that is designed through deep research into industry complexities and a keen understanding of your unique pain points. A business management solution should adapt to your workflow and not the other way around.

Choose a solution that allows for compliance with ever-changing compliance and regulation standards. In the same way that you wouldn’t trust your optometrist to deliver your newborn, why would you trust a generic off-the-shelf solution to cater to your unique business requirements? This is why you should choose industry-specific business management solutions for your manufacturing, distribution, commerce, or field service business.

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