Using CRM to Boost Customer Satisfaction

a 2021 guide to Using CRM to Boost Customer Satisfaction

Businesses are required to maintain a balance between attracting new customers and keeping the existing ones. Of course, attracting new customers is vital. By no means should any business ignore this. However, it’s been proven to cost less to keep existing customers relative to attracting new ones. Improving customer loyalty can significantly improve your bottom line. In this guide, we discuss using CRM to boost customer satisfaction.

Every business is just one bad review away from losing potential customers. Word of mouth is one of those marketing tools that can never get old. The voice of the customer has never been louder, especially in the digital economy. Happy customers will promote your business. They will tell their friends, family, and colleagues about your business. This applies to both positive and negative opinions. There are very few businesses that sell unique products. Every business has a competitor out there that sells the exact same products/services. In cases where products and services are identical, the key differentiator will be customer service. This is why it is important for businesses to actively ensure that their customer service is superior. And, what better way to achieve this than through an integrated CRM solution?

How CRM Can Boost Customer Satisfaction

Customer Relationship Management tools on their own are good. But integrated with your ERP, they become even more powerful. It allows you to centralize all customer data, ensuring that your sales, marketing, and finance teams are all on the same page with a single version of the truth. CRM, as a customer service tool, aids in increasing customer services, which in term increases customers loyalty, which then increases profitability. 

CRM software provides companies with customer information in a consolidated and organized system, eradicating inefficient and ineffective paper-based solutions or storing all information in email mailboxes.

Why choose an integrated CRM system?

Quotes, invoices, and support cases are easily accessed in one location, instantly providing relevant, updated data. Being able to automatically track customers’ interactions with the company, from the first contact, sales, and fulfillment to after-sale service support allows quick and accurate response to customer requests and concerns. It also helps your Customer Service team when they have all information about customer’s questions and inquiries by eliminating the need for customers to have to repeat themselves (and we all hate that).

CRM software also helps businesses prioritize customer requests. If you receive 10 requests per day, and you respond first in, first out, you may inadvertently sideline a time-sensitive concern. For example, if your credit card is stolen, you want your credit card company and bank to prioritize your issue above someone asking how they can get points for their purchase.

Business leaders can longer rely on gut feelings and general “good vibes” from customers to track whether they meet customer needs. A great CRM system allows you to track the necessary support metrics like customer satisfaction and service levels, but also to customize the metrics for your business needs. There are limitless benefits to using CRM to boost customer satisfaction.

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