The importance of an On-the-Go Finance Team

The importance of an On-the-Go Finance Team

Your financial management team can no longer afford to be tied down to rigid systems that force them to physically be at the office. We’re in the age of business-on-the-move, and agility and speed are the order of the day. With Financials at the center of every business, how prepared were you for the current circumstances where most teams operate remotely? Do your business management systems allow for employees to connect remotely? In this guide, we discuss the importance of an on-the-go finance team.

Your finance team is the air to the lungs of your business. From the preparation of financial reports, investment insight, spend and ensuring that the business meets its financial obligations or goals. They require a system that makes it easy to communicate and collaborate with other departments in the business. With access to crucial business information from a mobile device regardless of their location, you can ensure that your finance team can operate with no interruptions or limitations.


“Can I send you that invoice when I get to the office?” Words that your client might not want to hear. Part of the modern customer expectation is speed. Being able to transact rapidly is the norm. Nobody wants to wait. A Cloud ERP solution with mobile finance management capabilities ensures that your business is always on. 

Empower your team with real-time access to company data with access to modern mobile functionality, allowing them to stay productive no matter where they are, using any device. Just an internet connection will do.


The new business ecosystem requires an adaptable solution. Working “from” home doesn’t necessarily mean you’re working at home. What happens when your finance team member has taken a quick trip to the local store but needs to access crucial insights while on a call with a team member? Their laptop may be at home, but their smartphone is always on hand. 

With a business management solution with mobile on-the-go capabilities, this scenario need not be an issue. With just a few clicks of a button and role-based access through a mobile app, vital information is readily available at all times. Whether they have their laptop, smartphone, or tablet, it’s business as usual.

As a true business leader you may be thinking, “wait, will I pay for every single user to be able to access the system on their mobile? That might end up costing an arm and a leg.” However, with Acumatica Cloud ERP’s consumption-based pricing, you can have your entire team on the go. The unique pricing model does not lock you into a specific number of users. It is resource-based instead.

Embrace the new normal by future-proofing your business and injecting an amazing level of flexibility for your finance management department, salesmarketing, in fact, your entire organization. Need more information on the importance of an on-the-go finance team?

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