Business Management On the Go

acumatica mobile apps business management on the go

Business Management On the Go

You’re working from home and decide to step out to buy the milk that’s run out. However, business doesn’t stop while you’re gone. There is a new layer to remote working beyond just working from home. Having mobile capabilities enabling you to manage CRM, sales orders, project time cards, and more from anywhere. In this guide, we discuss the benefits of having mobile capabilities with your business management solution. Business management on the go.

The new normal requires new solutions. Business leaders have had to solve a new set of business challenges. The increase in productivity recorded by many businesses that have welcomed remote working in their organizations can be attributed to more flexibility for their staff.

Rather than spending hours in traffic driving to and from work, staff members have been better at allocating their time doing more crucial tasks. However, working from home requires increased connectivity.


An integrated cloud ERP solution, such as Acumatica, offers mobile applications that enable your team to stay connected 24/7. Enjoy real-time connectivity and ensure you and your team have access to the latest information.

Future-proof your business

Our mobile devices keep getting smarter, and our businesses should follow the same trend. Integrate with your mobile devices to leverage unique capabilities such as camera or fingerprint reader. Manually managing your business on spreadsheets was hard enough while you were still going to the office every day. Minimize errors and data re-entry with automated data syncs between your mobile and ERP systems.

Acumatica offers true business management on the go. Process mobile time entries. Review and complete approvals for time, expense, and sales orders in just a few clicks. Create an event in the Acumatica mobile app and edit it from the Acumatica Customer Management Suite at any time. Increase employee productivity by letting your staff work on the devices of their choice.

Use the Acumatica ERP web interface to capture and upload images with a registered mobile device. Capture an image of a receipt and Acumatica automatically creates the expense receipt using AI with Machine Learning.

Take your remote work a step further with a system that allows for business management on the go. Drop us a line on 011 792 9521 and we’d be glad to guide you in choosing the ideal business management solution for your unique industry-specific requirements.

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