Automated Data Capture for Manufacturers

Automated Data Capture for Manufacturers

Inventory and manufacturing data entry is historically time-consuming and prone to manual data entry errors. It is imperative to promptly capture paper shop floor documents, inventory receipt documents, and other physical information. Growing companies coming off entry-level accounting systems lack fully automated data collection. They may have a tethered barcode reader for some inventory and manufacturing transactions. A modern ERP application with native automated data capture is the next logical step to automate business processes for continued growth. In this guide, we discuss automated data capture for manufacturers.

Acumatica provides embedded barcoding and mobile capabilities to streamline data capture from a wide variety of devices. Automate pick, pack, and ship transactions; use data capture for receiving and put away; move inventory throughout your warehouse or manufacturing shop floor, and use automated technologies for labor entry and material issues to production orders.

This Solution Brief provides manufacturers with an overview of available automated data capture (ADC) technologies and a framework for planning and executing ADC implementation projects to streamline warehouse and shop floor data collection. Discover how to boost efficiency, save money, minimize data errors, and streamline business processes with Acumatica Manufacturing Edition.


Automation Options

In 1974, the first UPC scanner was used to scan a 10-pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit chewing gum. Since then, automated data capture technologies have matured from barcodes to radio frequency identification (RFID) to PLC machine interfaces and artificial intelligence, and machine learning to automate data capture that could only be imagined just a few decades ago.


Paper-based data capture is not entirely evil. It has a place in manufacturing and can be a cost-effective way to capture data for specific types of transactions. 

Acumatica provides embedded document management and manufacturing reports.


Barcodes are among the most common data capture technologies. Barcodes work with mobile devices, keyboard wedge devices, ruggedized tablets, and specialized scanners.

Acumatica WMS & Manufacturing Data Collection provides out-of-the-box automation. 


Radio frequency identification (RFID) provides passive data collection as tags on inventory pass near radio receivers. Capture item information or triangulate item locations. 

Acumatica’s open platform facilitates fast and easy integration with RFID technologies.


OCR technology recognizes letters, words, and characters, captures data, and stores it in a system. OCR is useful for external documents without barcodes. 

Acumatica includes document management.

Where Are You in Your ADC Journey?

The strategies you implement for automated data capture depend on how far you are in your ADC journey. Manufacturers who are just starting will have a few ADC processes in place using basic technologies. Manufacturers, further along, will have more automated processes using progressively advanced technologies. The first step is to understand where you currently are before developing an ADC plan.

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