Is Your Inventory Out of Control?

how to gain control of your inventory with an integrated inventory management system

There are many things businesses can survive without, but a solid inventory management system isn’t one of them. Especially manufacturers that need to handle different parts and pieces to produce their final products. Cash flow and capital can create challenges for small and mid-market businesses that can’t afford to overstock or don’t have the space to store excess materials. Is your inventory out of control? In this guide, we discuss how an integrated ERP and inventory management system can improve inventory management.

a summary of the acumatica cloud manufacturing management software bill of materials (bom) & routing
Tracking Inventory

An inventory management system that is siloed from the rest of your organization offers limited insights and visibility into the ways you can consistently optimize your inventory for better returns. It goes beyond just knowing how much stock you have on hand.

Through a centralized database, you enjoy real-time visibility that makes it easier to manage your inventory with insights from the rest of your operating environment. An integrated ERP & Inventory Management system gives you a clear view of what your fulfillment capacity is, whether you have the raw materials to fulfill those orders, and assurance that the inventory counts on your system match what is sitting on your shelves.

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Are manual stock counts holding you back? What about the human errors attached to them? Could you imagine how many more things your team can get done if you had a system that offers accurate inventory control and tracking?

Enjoy the power of automation through an inventory management system that automates all the tedious tasks. Save time and money by completely eliminating managing spreadsheets and leverage the power of real-time inventory updates.

Restocking & Avoiding Excess Stock

There’s nothing that can stop you from excelling than a spreadsheet on Excel. With a complete view of your operations within a single interface, you gain real-time visibility of sales, purchasing, and logistics data at the click of a button. Nothing goes up and down randomly like customer demand.

With automated inventory replenishment notices and accurate demand forecasts, you can ensure that you always have the right amount of resources in place to cater to the demand. Reduce your lead times and make reorders only when necessary.

Reduce your cash woes with an integrated ERP and inventory management system that allows you to effectively manage your cash flow. Optimize your inventory and say goodbye to stockouts and excess stock. Is your inventory out of control? Drop us a line on 011 792 9521 and we’d be glad to get it back under control.

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