How Cloud ERP Helps You Exceed Customer Expectations

How Cloud ERP Helps You Exceed Customer Expectations in 2021

There are many ways in which a cloud ERP system can improve customer service and satisfaction. Faster and more accurate orders are at the top of the list alongside online self-servicing options. Competition to attract and retain customers is at an all-time high. With disintermediation and the growth in internet commerce, customers have more options than ever before. It is not enough to meet customer needs. Sellers must exceed customer expectations to grow in today’s digital economy. In this guide, we discuss how cloud ERP helps you exceed customer expectations.


 Manage your entire business on a single platform with connected, accurate, real-time data to make better decisions on behalf of your customers. Acumatica automates the quote to cash cycle from the opportunity to order fulfillment with embedded CRM, flexible order management, and automated warehouse transactions. Streamline purchasing with inventory replenishment, vendor bidding, and configurable approvals workflows. 

Leverage advanced capabilities for sales commissions, customer-specific pricing, returns and exchanges, inventory allocations, and matrix items. Simplify accounting with a full suite of financial applications to track daily operations and generate financial statements. Also, Acumatica provides tools for reporting, analysis, budgeting, and planning. Native applications are available for payroll, time and expense management, and service management.


Automation enables distributors to cut costs resulting in more competitive pricing. Extend your competitive advantage with flexible customer pricing, discounts, and promotions. 


Amaze customers with exceptional service through embedded CRM with support cases and online self-service. Automated fulfillment with WMS provides faster and more accurate order fulfillment. Order history and web storefront connectivity make it easy for customer service to capture new orders faster. 


Streamline order processes with will-call orders and electronic signatures for quotes and orders. Manage omnichannel sales, returns, and exchanges in-store, online, or through the back-office ERP application.

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