How ERP Simplifies Distribution Operations

How Cloud ERP Simplifies Distribution Operations a 2021 acumatica guide ebook

Executive distribution and retail-commerce leaders rely on real-time information to streamline operations and balance supply and demand. Know what is happening across your organization with real-time data and automated notifications when situations occur that impact sales, order fulfillment, transportation, logistics, and warehouse operations. Stay connected with mobile applications to approve timecards, purchasing, and requisitions. Manage budgets with detailed views into operational expenses. In this guide, we discuss how cloud ERP simplifies distribution operations.

With Acumatica, you can automate your daily routine, such as picking, packaging, receiving and put-away, and inventory transfers using handheld scanners. The advanced features allow you to optimize your picking using wave and batch strategies.

“Acumatica provides accurate inventory, which means we can reorder some items and operate on a just-in-time basis and still maintain necessary inventory levels . . . We use Acumatica to make sure everything is accurate. We used to wait seven days for the information to come in, and with Acumatica, we have it in 2 days, which allows us to make decisions and react faster to stay ahead of the competition.” – PATRICK ORDONEZ, HEAD OF FINANCE, MARIKINA FOOD/HOBE

How Cloud ERP Simplifies Distribution Operations
Measure Results

Make your dashboard your home page to monitor results in real-time. View open orders, drill into warehouse transactions, manage late orders, and keep your pulse on operations with accurate, real-time information.

Gain Insights

Connect data from external applications for one source of truth. Harness the power of Generic Inquiries and customize reports without coding to manage operations effectively. Microsoft Power BI provides deep analytics in multiple dimensions for strategic planning.

Track Budgets & Expenses

Link your budget to your home page with reports to monitor distribution center expenses. Monitor purchase order requisition requests for new equipment and supplies. Track capital expenses with embedded fixed asset management.

Manage Relationships

Get a 360-degree view of strategic customers and vendor relationships with native CRM. Access recent communications, look up contacts and addresses, review order history, and see accounting activity from a single, connected application.

Implement Projects

Create and manage warehouse improvement projects such as conveyor system implementations or warehouse management initiatives with native project accounting.

Stay Connected

Never wonder what is happening with mobile access to everything from your mobile device. Native apps for iOS and Android devices keep busy executives connected, even when they are not in the office. Approve timecards, expense receipts, and purchase order requests from your smartphone.

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