Gain a Competitive Advantage with a Warehouse Management System

Gain a Competitive Advantage with a Warehouse Management System in 2022

Let’s be honest. The distribution industry can be brutal. It’s definitely not an easy industry to stay abreast of. However, with the correct Warehouse Management System (WMS) in place, you can eliminate the common challenges, and gain a competitive advantage. In this guide, we discuss how you can gain a competitive advantage with a Warehouse management system designed for productivity and efficiency.

The Role of a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse management systems allow businesses to manage their inventory and supply chain needs, optimally. Be it labour, space requirements, equipment management, or fulfillment. A WMS supplies the inventory management, order management, and warehouse automation capabilities that every distribution business needs to successfully fulfill its orders.

ERP meets WMS

With your ERP system serving as the central hub of your organization where data from every department flows in and out. You require a system that is well organized, synchronized, and simplifies the analysis of all data. An integrated Cloud ERP and WMS system are critical for the success of the modern distribution business.

Why Integrated?

Your WMS and ERP systems must be linked if your goal is to boost the productivity and efficiency of your business. Sourcing products from suppliers, sorting, and shipping them through to customers on time can be complex. With the compounding negative effects of manual processes, this could prove disastrous. 

By integrating your ERP and WMS systems, you can gain a footing over your competitors by overcoming these obstacles. Distributing products becomes a seamless operation by connecting teams and automating manual processes.

Your entire workforce and business benefit from integrated WMS and ERP systems. Managing inventoryorders, sales, customers, and more through a comprehensive cloud-based ERP solution enables employees to work with the same information at the same time. Updated, accurate data flows easily between every system. The WMS solution also provides a single platform to manage the automation technologies a business utilizes, such as barcoding, RFID, robotics, carousels, and automated guided vehicles, just to name a few.

There are many ways you can gain a competitive advantage with a Warehouse Management System. Drop us a line on 011 792 9521 or contact us via email, and we’d be glad to guide you.

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