ERP Must-haves: Analytics & Reporting

ERP Must-haves Analytics & Reporting

There are good decisions, and there are great decisions. What’s the key differentiator between the two? Timing. We’re in an age of business where “good” simply isn’t enough. Business leaders require business management systems that accelerate decision-making. It is why it is vital to invest in solutions that offer business intelligence capabilities that enable you to visualize and analyze key data to unlock insights across all areas of your business. In this guide, we discuss ERP must-haves, Analytics and reporting fast-tracks decision-making.

Your ERP system should act as a repository of insight with customized views of data for every department in your business. It empowers business leaders with a complete 360-degree view of all aspects of their operating environment. To make timely and impactful decisions, you need real-time access to reports tailored to satisfy your information needs. Not all data is equal, so you require peace of mind with restrictions and role-based access to specific data.

Personalized Reporting Experience

We don’t all understand and digest information in the same manner. An intuitive ERP system, such as Acumatica, with a shallow learning curve, offers the ability for users to design their own dashboards with little or no training to satisfy their unique information needs.

Fully Integrated Reporting

Flexibility is an often overlooked but extremely important factor. Choose a system that offers your team the ability to produce reports in HTML, PDF, Excel, and Word formats for easy sharing. And when you need those sign offs, a system that supports the generation of signed PDF documents and automates report delivery over email is a must-have.

Real-time Data and Insight

As mentioned, great decisions are timely decisions. Making today’s decisions with a real-time view of the current position is a gamechanger. Present a customized view of key information in a visual format using tables, pie charts, and other graphics. The devil is in the detail, we often say. The ability to drill down to successively lower levels of detail makes it easy to analyze information to a granular level.

A screenshot of the acumatica AR clerk analytics and reporting dashboard


Branding – Customize reports with your branding and images, including full control over fonts and placement of information.

Templates – Easily create report templates by saving report parameters as a template and immediately populating reports with the template’s parameters. 

Ad Hoc Filters – Apply ad hoc filters to entry forms and report forms to display only the data you need at that moment.

Reusable Filters – Leverage reusable filters to create and apply complex filters and save them for future use.

Flexible Viewing – Toggle between parameters and views without losing changes made on the parameters view.

Menu Access – Register reports that were created in the Acumatica report designer so they can be accessed from Acumatica menus.

A fully customizable and interactive dashboard provides real-time insights. Need guidance on more ERP Must-haves & Analytics and Reporting capabilities? Drop us a line on 011 792 9521 or contact us via email.

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