Does your ERP system support an omnichannel shopping experience?

Does your ERP system support an omnichannel shopping experience

There was a time when having a brick-and-mortar store was enough. Then came the online shopping experience. Now, retail businesses need to have both. Connecting with multiple online marketplaces, commerce storefronts, brick-and-mortar, pop up stores is essential for growing sales. But a seamless link to the back office is crucial to the effective and efficient management of all these channels. Does your ERP system support an omnichannel shopping experience?

If you build it, they will come.

In the early days of retail, you could build a store in a prime location, and that would guarantee visibility and foot traffic to your store. The definition of a prime retail location has changed. Retail businesses need to exist in the spaces that customers want to shop. A prime location can still be a high foot traffic location, but it could also be on your customer’s phone. 

Retailers can no longer operate in a single environment. The world is continuously becoming more digital, and customers enjoy omnichannel shopping experiences. Convenience is the name of the game.

The omnichannel retail experience

To highlight the importance of an omnichannel shopping experience, we will use the example of a pizza shop. There are days when customers want to get out of the house and drive to eat at the pizza shop. Then there are days when they would like to call, order from home and collect it to avoid standing in queues. Then there are days when they want to make an order on their phone and have it delivered in the comfort of their home.

An omnichannel shopping experience is a new norm. But businesses should have systems that make management and accounting simpler. Nobody wants to manually transfer sales records from the online store to the accounting system. A Cloud Retail and Commerce management system that enables you to automatically synchronize and manage transactions, inventory, order fulfilments, shipping, financial analysis and reporting is a must-have.

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