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Cloud Production Management Software

Support Multiple Types of Manufacturing with Confidence Using Acumatica
Manufacturing Edition Production Management

Acumatica Cloud Production Management Software enables you to create production orders from Bill of Materials and Routing Standards. Release and schedule production orders with ease. This powerful solution allows you to track materials and labour costs for work in process (WIP) with detailed cost analysis reports, inquiries, and dashboards.

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How Acumatica Simplifies Production Order Management

What is manufacturing without production orders? With the right tools in place, you can respond to production demand with flexibility to adapt to ever-changing schedules, unplanned breakdowns, late supplier deliveries, and other exceptions that impact what’s happening on the shop floor.

The Acumatica Production Management system (PMS) allows for the creation of production orders to fulfill customer demand from sales orders or through the material requirements planning (MRP) module. Release and schedule production order operations for shop floor employees.
Acumatica captures manufacturing material, labour, machine, tool, overhead, and outside process costs for real-time work in process (WIP) reporting and analysis. Monitor production orders from the configurable production dashboard. Project-centric manufacturers create production orders directly from tasks in the optional project accounting application.

The benefits of choosing a best-in-class Cloud Production Management Software solution.

Coordinate Activities.

Manage your entire business with complete real-time information on your operations. Coordinate labor, machines, and inventory and optimize your company’s processes.

Simplified Production Order Change Management.

Build prior or alternate Bills of Material revisions. Substitute operations and/or materials on a production order.

Enhance Lot/Serial Tracking.

Full lot and serial traceability throughout an item’s lifecycle. Lot and serial numbers can be assigned or manually entered using purchase receipts, inventory issues, and shop floor control transactions.

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Acumatica Cloud Production Management Features & Capabilities

Critical Materials. View production order shortages. Create purchase orders and production orders for the parts that are short from a single screen.

Labour Tracking. Capture direct production labor to production orders by employee. Enter and track non-production time using indirect codes.

Backflushing. Eliminate reporting by backflushing labor or material when reporting the production quantity completed, useful when a company only wishes to record the production quantity.

Production Performance. Monitor and manage performance with detailed reports, including actual vs. standard/planned costs with labor, material, machine, tool, fixed, and variable overhead details.