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Advanced Planning & Scheduling Software

Manage and Monitor your Shop Floor Schedule and Work Center Capacity

The Acumatica Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) Software allows manufacturers to consistently and cost-effectively meet customer demands by setting accurate and reliable delivery dates based on finite resource availability. Unlock the full potential of your manufacturing organization with optimized manufacturing production. Simply manage resource constraints. These include materials, production capacity, process sequences, tooling, and facility schedules.

This cloud-based solution makes it simple to determine materials and capacity requirements while providing efficient use of production assets. Advanced Planning and Scheduling software provides essential planning capabilities, real-time insights into production, and the accurate scheduling of employee and machine resources.

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Using a cloud-based Advanced Planning & Scheduling system

Finite Capacity Scheduling. Know how much work can be produced in a given timeframe, considering limitations on various resources and demands.

Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP). Verify that you have sufficient capacity available to meet the capacity requirements for your master schedule.

Capable to Promise. Access Capable to Promise (CTP) from sales orders and quotes to calculate availability dates for manufactured items considering capacity constraints, material availability, and vendor lead times.

Work Center Utilization. Compare the available hours for a work center to the actual hours scheduled for a work center.

Acumatica Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Software improves your customer experience by empowering customer service and sales representatives with Capable-to-Promise (CTP) functionality to calculate realistic delivery dates for items on quotes and sales orders based on capacity constraints, vendor lead times, and material availability.

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Cloud Advanced Planning and Scheduling Features & Capabilites

This powerful APS system enables the system to plan, monitor, and provide details regarding the work center. RCCP schedules open production orders against finite capacity constraints.

Optionally, the orders selected can be released. Orders are loaded and scheduled in sequence based on priority, constraint dates, and production order numbers. The availability of material is considered including supply orders such as purchase orders, transfer orders, or component production orders. Planners may exclude planning orders from RCCP to focus only on actual production orders.

Dispatch Lists

Use work center and machine dispatch reports for a clear view of currently scheduled production orders and operations. View reports identifying required resources for scheduled production orders

Machine Scheduling

Allows the user to schedule specific machines only when both the machine and the employee running it are available.

Tool Scheduling

Schedule production against finite tooling constraints such as dies, jigs, molds, or fixtures.