Things to Consider When Choosing an ERP Platform

Things to Consider When Choosing an ERP Platform in 2022

Nothing thwarts progress faster than a technology platform that fails to meet expectations. Unfortunately, many companies spend months painstakingly implementing an ERP platform only to discover it cannot fuel long-term growth. To empower ongoing profitability, ERP platforms must be able to rapidly integrate new business entities and applications while continually strengthening security. In this guide, we discuss things to consider when choosing an ERP platform.

Acumatica’s modern ERP platform propels growth by delivering advanced financial applications, web applications, and the ability to seamlessly integrate modern and legacy technologies—with little or no programming. With Acumatica, scalability problems disappear. Companies can grow their global footprint without breaking the budget. They can even add users without incurring additional charges. The flexible platform can also support multiple tenants and instances on one platform while securing each tenant’s data. Organizations can personalize the ERP platform to support their unique needs and integrate with a wide array of systems with little or no programming. 

Essential Blocks for Building a Growth-Oriented Platform 

Acumatica ERP platform paves the way for true digital transformation by enabling organizations to expand their infrastructure to support evolving business needs.


Open architecture supports new systems without affecting operations. Lower layer components fuel upper-layer applications and support web-based application development and integrations.


Web services facilitate connectivity with external applications and devices from modern technologies to legacy systems. Open APIs (SOAP and REST) connect people, processes, and technology.


Data exchange services support mergers and acquisitions by transferring data from legacy systems in batches or scheduled migrations. Web tools also support multiple file formats, such as Excel. 


 Enhanced security protects against external and internal threats. Advanced authentication and single sign-on procedures limit system access. Role-based security ensures users can only access the data they need. 


On-the-go mobility lets users access applications from mobile devices. Responsive design ensures the same intuitive experience. 

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