Ignite Success with Real-time Reporting and Intelligence

Ignite Success with Real-time Reporting and Intelligence

Knowledge is power. Giving employees real-time knowledge to make informed decisions, complete projects, and resolve problems fuels profitability. However, most companies struggle to harness real-time knowledge. Therefore, they purchase analytical tools to exploit big data but fail to gather strategic insights that optimize the operations. Meanwhile, reporting systems are only as effective as the underlying data. In this guide, we discuss how to ignite success with real-time reporting and intelligence.

Acumatica combines the power of its award-winning ERP platform and customizable reporting engine with leading business intelligence to streamline operations and ignite innovation throughout the organization. The cloud-based solution delivers standard and custom reporting with drill-down capability, dynamic dashboards, and integrated business analytics from Microsoft BI and Tableau.

Acumatica takes raw data collected throughout the enterprise and converts it into mission-critical information. Role-based dashboards present users with the real-time insights they need to thrive. The award-winning solution presents updated company health analysis and personalized key performance

indicators (KPIs) on each user’s homepage.

Ignite Success with Real-time Reporting and Intelligence in 2022

This Acumatica solution brief demonstrates how customizing real-time reports for each user and infusing them with business intelligence fosters a productive and profitable culture.

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Data-Driven Insights for Each Role

Unless organizations can gather and analyze real-time insights from each system in their operation, they will miss vital opportunities to address problems and advance goals. Companies must continually convert updated financial, product data, and customer data into meaningful insights to effectively track sales, expenses, production, and distribution.

Acumatica empowers organizations with data-driven insights delivered to each user’s desktop. Hundreds of standard reports provide instant access to core financial and operational information aggregated throughout the enterprise. In addition, customized dashboards present key performance indicators to each user’s homepage every day. Users can also schedule recurring reports to keep them abreast of changes.

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