Growth-oriented companies face mounting competition and complexity. As a result, they turn to technology to drive efficiency and gather strategic insights. However, new applications often hinder profitability rather than transform the business. After all, integrating disparate technologies can require enormous resources and still fail to provide visibility and interoperability. In this guide, we discuss ways to empower growth with rapid integrations.

Acumatica’s future-proof cloud ERP system offers the rapid integrations and open architecture companies need to centralize their technology stack and obtain real-time insights. Companies can leverage plug-and-play access with 80 native technology integrations. Deploy an ERP application with tailored integrations for construction, distribution, manufacturing, and retail-commerce industries. Choose from nearly 300 pre-built connections on the Acumatica Marketplace

Acumatica’s open architecture and contract-based APIs are designed to survive upgrades, protecting your ERP investment without costly source code modifications or code conflicts. Additionally, flexible import and export scenarios transfer batches of data without coding. 

This solution brief helps progressive businesses use modern cloud ERP systems with rapid integrations to future-proof their infrastructure. 

Foster Innovation with a Modern Future-Proof Platform

Limited, disconnected, and aging technology platforms prohibit organizations from digitally transforming operations and benefitting from specialized, modern applications. Acumatica’s modern xRP platform alleviates connectivity challenges by facilitating rapid integrations with no-code and low-code integration tools that require minimal development expertise or investment. 

Grow and evolve your business with a scalable, secure, and future-proof cloud platform that provides on-the-go mobile access anytime, anywhere, on any device. The xRP platform also sets a technology foundation for global connectivity by supporting multilingual translations and localized business practices, multiple currencies, international accounting, and multinational taxes. 

Take advantage of the platform’s open connectivity and rapid deployment tools to connect people, information, processes, and equipment with modern technologies, including: 

• Cloud computing 

• Robotics 

• Internet of Things (IoT)

Built on the world’s best cloud and mobile platform, Acumatica provides tools for reimagining business applications in an interconnected world.

Streamline Processes with Connected Workflows 

Information silos impede progress, increase manual errors, and inhibit collaboration. Acumatica optimizes processes by seamlessly connecting workflows across different systems and departments. 

Plug-and-play integrations extend the core ERP system to create a cohesive business solution with centralized data and cross-departmental workflows. Users access different software without toggling between disparate applications or re-entering data. Artificial intelligence with machine learning further automates business processes. The centralized database ensures teams continuously work with up-to-date, accurate, and complete information for financialscustomer management, and projects

Acumatica optimizes everyday business processes using artificial intelligence with machine learning to improve processes without human intervention. 

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