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Manufacturing Product Configurator Software

Configure to Order Manufactured Products, Bill of Materials (BOMs), and Prices

Acumatica Cloud Manufacturing Product Configurator Software enables you to create unique manufactured parts with a bill of materials and routing. Flexible configuration rules calculate components and pricing.

Rules-based product configurators use pre-defined attributes, features, and options to create custom-manufactured parts using dependency rules and user-defined formulas. The Product Configurator is available from Sales Order Entry and CRM Opportunities.

a screenshot of the acumatica manufacturing product configurator software configuration maintenance dashboard

Each configuration can be identified with a unique configuration key. The key contains the parameters selected for the configuration. The key can be referenced to generate new configurations to use as templates to create similar manufactured products.

The Product Configurator supports dependency rules across features and options where selecting one option in a feature set can restrict or require options in other feature sets. For example, a particular door style choice in the door feature set can require a specific jamb type in another feature set, or it can restrict the list of available hardware options in another feature set.

Product Configurator Features & Capabilities

Configure to order. Configure any item using predetermined features and options. The results of the configuration carry forward to a production order.

Dimensional Capabilities. Use multiple dimensional calculations and formulas to calculate the material requirements for the specific components of configuration.

Order History & Lookup. Quickly lookup a customer’s previous configuration to create a new order or make adjustments from the prior configuration.

Formula Validation. Validate formula calculations based on a minimum or maximum attribute value or the quantities chosen for selected features and options.

The Benefits of Using the Acumatica Product Configurator

Fast Order Configuration

Create a new configured order by merely copying or modifying an existing configured order or quote. Create new item configurations using configuration entry to select attributes and feature options.

Gain Control Over Revisions

Make multiple revisions of the same configuration while maintaining a history of the revisions. Use flexible rules to ensure the manufacturability of every unique configuration.

Determine Prices with Ease

Calculate prices for items with rollups from the configured bill of material with mark-ups by option. Create formulas to calculate material component quantities and pricing.